APIs to deliver case information including docket sheets, claims registers and all corresponding PDFs.


Comprehensive APIs for continuous case monitoring, SCRA searches, PACER screenshots, and more.

Lead Generation

Generate client leads from bankruptcy or litigation filings for your business.

Code examples

const search = {
  openCases: true,
  caseNo: caseNumber

const caseApi = new CourtApi.PacerCaseLookupApi();

caseApi.searchCourtCases(court, search, function (error, data, response) {
  console.log(JSON.stringify(response.body, null, 2));

const docketOptions = {
  pageSize: 10,      // number of docket entries to show per page
  page: 1,           // page number to show
  sortOrder: "desc", // Show the most recent items first
  // search for entries containing a search string
  // searchKeyword: 'order entered'

caseApi.getDockets(court, caseNumber, docketOptions,
  function (error, data, response) {
    if (response.body.entries.total_items == 0) {
      console.log("No docket entries - purchase docket sheet from PACER");

    console.log(JSON.stringify(response.body, null, 2));

const queryApi = new CourtApi.QueryApi();
const options = {};
queryApi.updateDockets(courtCode, caseNumber, options, callback);
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